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SUCCEED Evening Reporting Center: Provides a highly structured program of support and supervision for teens that otherwise would be in detention. Our SUCCEED Evening Reporting Center engages youth that others have written off, decreasing the recidivism rate for youth on probation, by involving them in positive activities and ensuring they are supervised during the evening, when they are most likely to get into trouble. Tutoring, job readiness and life skills training are essential aspects of SUCCEED. The program also includes a service component, emphasizing the need to give back to society and promoting civic responsibility. Once unique aspect of the program involves caring for pets: the youth have the task of caring for two turtles during their involvement in the program. This helps the teens learn to be responsible and is something that most come to enjoy and value.


Since the opening of the SUCCEED Evening Reporting Center two years ago, we have served more than one hundred youth. The YMCA of Newark & Vicinity’s SUCCEED Evening Reporting Center is funded through contractual agreements with the Hudson County Department of Health & Human Services, Youth Service Commission and Juvenile Justice Commission.


For more information about the SUCCEED program, contact Tiesha Nelson at tnelson@newarkymca.org.


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