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Early Childhood






Sports Bugs: Designed to introduce young children to sports movement and games. Each week children will play a different sport, with instruction, simulated game play and free play. 

Biddy Sports: Focus is on one sport (soccer, basketball, etc.) and should be taken after children have had a general introduction to the sport (through Sports Bugs). Biddy sports allows young children to learn skills to begin advancement in a new sport. Children will engage in sports clinics designed to meet the needs of their age group. Biddy tournaments will be held twice a year for each sport.

Healthy U - This early learner program helps children (6 months through 4 years) learn socialization skills and motor development, with a focus on a coordinated health approach. The Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) Curriculum is used.


Baby and Me Swim - This early learners swimming program helps children under 2 ½ years feel comfortable in the water and begin to develop the skills they need for water safety. Parents and adult caregivers learn how they can help their children build safe water habits.

Pike: Beginner - Ages 3 to 5 years old; 1:6 ratio. Non-swimmer & beginner. The focus is on helping children adjust and develop independent movement in the water. Water orientation and adjustment to the water are introduced; proper water entry, front kick, under water exploration, back float, jumping, intro to diving, and emphasis on the paddle stroke.

Eel/Ray: Intermediate/Advanced - Ages 3 to 5 years old; 1:6 ratio. A class for intermediate and advanced swimmers who are comfortable in the water and can swim the width of our pool unassisted. Stroke development is started and refined for front crawl, flutter kick, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, and backstroke. Rotary breathing is introduced; diving skills are reviewed and refined, along with back and front floats.

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons: All Ages. If you or your child need more personal attention, consider our private and semi-private options for the whole family. Private instruction is one-on-one swim instruction. Semi-private instruction can be coordinated with a friend, colleague, or with others looking to join a semi-private class. Semi-private classes range from 2 to 4 participants in the same age and ability range. We schedule private and semi-private options to work with your busy schedule, based on pool and instructor availability. Classes are sold in sets of four.