Healthy U Day

Published 11.01.18


The YMCA of Newark and Vicinity local kickoff event of Healthy U Day on October 25th featured a Healthy Food Group discussion with our Nutrition Specialist, Shauntay, and students participated in the 5 Day Lunchbox Challenge.  The Lunchbox Challenge asked students, and their families, to take a close look at the food choices they make in their “lunches” as an opportunity to learn and practice making smart healthy eating choices. Each student received a packet with 5 blank My Plates and students drew what they had for lunch that day by placing each food item in the correct food group section. One point was given for each food group and points were tallied for each child. The child with the most points at the end of the 5th day would win. Elijah, age 9, won the competition with a total of 20 points.

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