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The Ys Foundation, Needed Now More Than Ever - More Details >>

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The Ys Foundation, Needed Now More Than Ever

Published 06.02.20

The Y's Foundation, Needed Now More than Ever!

Dear YMCA of Newark Community,

There are times in our lives that words cannot express the pain and emptiness one may feel, especially when we see such graphic coverage of a person dying, literally in front of us. On behalf of the entire Newark YMCA, our thoughts and prayers go out to George Floyd’s family, friends, and loved ones. Our hearts were saddened as we watched with disbelief, devastation, and disappointment of a tragedy that was avoidable. Our YMCA has always worked with our community to provide needed resources and services to strengthen our community so we can all grow and thrive. However, when we see tragedies unfold right in front of us, even in our great city of Newark, we all tend to feel destitute and desperate. No one should suffer or be harmed and when that happens, even far away from the streets of Newark, we are impacted and feel heartbroken.

Our YMCA is committed to ensuring that programs and services continue to build trust and understanding as we remember the founding principles of the YMCA, “that they all may be one~ John 17:21. It is this foundation that the YMCA welcomes everyone, from all paths and walks of life, to have a sense of comfort, purpose, and feeling of belonging. Our commitment today is stronger than ever as we look to ways of increasing our efforts and effectiveness to serve our community. We look to collaborate more with community partners to ensure the right services are provided; we look to increase our ability to reach those that have not had the opportunity to utilize the YMCA; and we look to increase our efforts to provide more equity, diversity, and inclusionary programs. We believe by doing all of this, our YMCA can and will continue to be a beacon of hope for those that feel disenfranchised and seeking a place where they are welcomed and can grow and thrive.

We invite you to join us in our efforts. The Y’s values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility will continue to guide our efforts to be the best YMCA we can be, to better serve you. Together, we will get through this and together we will be stronger.

The Y for All

 Michael C. Bright

Michael D. James
Chief Volunteer Officer

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